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La Independecia, la Disciplina, la Lección de Tres Períodos

El niño desde su nacimiento busca su independencia  siguiendo sus tendencias ocultas y latentes.   Al llegar a la Casa de Niños, esta independencia se fortalece dándole la oportunidad de ordenar su personalidad encaminando de […]


Teach with Spirit, A New Awareness (Part 2)

Presented by Dr. Janice Fletcher, this two-part workshop will explore your definition of "Spirit" and how your connection to "the teacher within" prepares you for your work as a teacher.

Professional Development: Infant-Toddler Level

Montessori Beginnings is an introduction to supporting development during the earliest years of life. This course will provide information on how to apply Montessori philosophy, principles, and practices to caring for the youngest members of our human family.


Professional Development: Early Childhood Level

Montessori Fundamentals is designed for Montessori assistants, volunteers, substitutes and support staff, plus it makes a reinvigorating refresher for an experienced certified teacher.


Professional Development: Elementary Level

Elementary Fundamentals is designed to introduce the wonders of Montessori at the elementary level to assistant teachers, support staff, and Montessori administrators who are new to Montessori or Montessori for the elementary years.