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It’s Not About the Shelves! The Journey of a Well-Prepared Montessori Environment

My early days in Montessori were spent making sure that the room arrangement and shelves were set up perfectly...at least in my mind! But after a few years of challenging beginnings, and chances to observe those activities that truly engaged my students, I changed my mindset about the beginning of the year. This workshop will […]

Preparing the Physical and Emotional Environment

Preparing an environment is often thought of as deciding which works to put out on the shelf, and although this is an important part of preparedness, it is just one piece in a process of creating readiness around the child, the educator, the parents, and the classroom.

Professional Development: Infant-Toddler Level

Montessori Beginnings is an introduction to supporting development during the earliest years of life. This course will provide information on how to apply Montessori philosophy, principles, and practices to caring for the youngest members of our human family.


Professional Development: Early Childhood Level

Montessori Fundamentals is designed for Montessori assistants, volunteers, substitutes and support staff, plus it makes a reinvigorating refresher for an experienced certified teacher.


Sarasota University September Colloquium w/ Julia Volkman (FREE)

Is the Montessori approach aligned with the teachings of neuroscience? How can we use the teachings of neuroscience and Montessori to make learning inherently enjoyable and accessible for all our students? This interactive, lively session will connect educational practice with the science behind plasticity, dynamic development of skill, stress, emotions, and more.