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Professional Development: Early Childhood Level

Montessori Fundamentals is designed for Montessori assistants, volunteers, substitutes and support staff, plus it makes a reinvigorating refresher for an experienced certified teacher.


Professional Development: Elementary Level

Elementary Fundamentals is designed to introduce the wonders of Montessori at the elementary level to assistant teachers, support staff, and Montessori administrators who are new to Montessori or Montessori for the elementary years.


Professional Development: Infant-Toddler Level

Montessori Beginnings is an introduction to supporting development during the earliest years of life. This course will provide information on how to apply Montessori philosophy, principles, and practices to caring for the youngest members of our human family.


Practical Tips for Positive Redirection

Dr. Montessori was very clear about interrupting a child at work, but redirection may be necessary when the 3 D's (dangerous, destructive or disrespectful) are occurring in the classroom. Learn some new practical tips to use that are safe, constructive and respectful all at the same time.

Building a Theater Program: The Hero’s Journey and More

Are you interested in building a theater program or expanding the scope of your current theater program? Are you interested in developing original screenplays in collaboration with your students and performing them for your school community? 

Science in the Early Childhood Montessori Classroom

Boost curiosity about the world with the Montessori Science Curriculum. Join me in sparking the child's sense of wonder through scientific projects and experiments. Learn how to dive deeper into the realms of earth science, astronomy, life science, zoology, botany, physical science and chemistry in your prepared environment.