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Our Montessori training programs

Montessori certification to work with every age, from infants through adolescents. We also offer professional development and a subscription library.

You can download our combined short brochure or click below on the program you are interested in for more information. You can also view samples of some of our videos.

Each program is offered in two tiers, either a Full Certificate or an Associate Certificate program. These are essentially the same programs, except that the Full Certificate program includes either one or two short residencies in addition to the online component. The Associate Certificate is not generally made available to North American Elementary adult learners because of the increasing requirement of schools to have teachers with certificates from MACTE-accredited programs.


Training for adults who want to work with children between birth and 3 years of age. Read more

Early Childhood

Training for adults who wish to teach children between 3 and 6 years in age. Read more


Training for adults who wish to teach children between 6 and 12 years in age. Read more


Training for adults who wish to teach adolescent children. Read more


Certification for adults who wish to become school leaders, or for practicing school leaders who wish to deepen their skills. Read more

Early Childhood Assistant Certification

Assistant teacher credential for supporting teachers and children in a 3-6 years old classroom. Read more

Professional Development

Short online continuing education courses for Montessori teachers, assistants and parents. Read more


At this time, we are not offering the certification courses in Spanish. However, we are able to support bilingual adult learners  who enroll in our English Language Early Childhood (3-6) program with Spanish albums and other resources. For an additional fee we can also provide a Spanish speaking coach. Candidates need to be confident in their ability to understand spoken and written English and be comfortable writing in English. The Spanish coach will be available to review course topics and assignments in Spanish to assist bilingual learners  be more successful in the course and to fully understand course topics at a deep level. Please email info@cgms.edu if you would like additional information.
We also offer Spanish resources at www.montessorilibrary.com.
Al momento, no ofrecemos cursos de certificación en español. Sin embargo, podemos apoyar a los estudiantes bilingües que se inscriben en nuestro programa, Casa de Niños en Inglés (3-6), con álbumes en español y otros recursos. Los candidatos que están interesados en inscribirse en este programa deben tener confianza en su capacidad para comprender el inglés hablado, escrito, y sentirse cómodos escribiendo en inglés. Por una tarifa adicional, podemos proporcionar un entrenador que hable en español. El entrenador estará disponible para revisar los temas del curso, las tareas, y ayudar a los estudiantes bilingües en comprender los temas del curso a un nivel profundo. Para recibir más información, por favor escribenos a: info@cgms.edu.
También ofrecemos recursos en español en www.montessorilibrary.com