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Elementary Level Assistant Course

By successfully completing this 12-week course, you will earn an IMC Elementary Assistant Teacher Credential for supporting teachers and children in both Lower (6-9) and Upper (9-12) Elementary Classrooms

Next session:  September 16th, 2024

Earn an IMC Elementary Assistant Certification upon successful completion of this twelve week course. Join other professionals as you study the history and philosophy of the Montessori Method, An elementary certified Montessori teacher will be your guide and facilitator as you learn about the elementary curriculum for ages 6-12.

What to expect:
Expect to spend approximately 8 hours each week. This includes weekly assignments, an hour long live class, journaling and compiling a final project as you work through each week.

Your course will be led by one of our experienced CGMS Instructional Guides. Video instructors include: Kitty Bravo, Ann Winler, Tim Seldin, Marty Roth, Andrea Cubelo-McKay, Stephanie Pullman, Cathie Perolman, and Lorna McGrath

Introductory Tuition Price: $810
If you have previously completed the Montessori Fundamentals Professional Development Course with CGMS, please contact admissions@cgms.edu for a payment link that will provide a discounted rate.

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