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The CGMS curriculum involves group discussions, reading and writing assignments, in-classroom assignments and assignment to watch and analyze videos of both presentations and lectures. In this section we have placed samples of our educational materials for review.

Course Management System

CGMS uses a software package called Moodle to manage our online pedagogy. This will be the main tool used by students to share, study and discuss curriculum topics. For an example of this, click here and then press the “guest access” button.


Below are samples from some of our curriculum area. They are intended to display the scope and breadth of the videos you will watch, but are not representative of every area you will study. These links will open in a new window, or in a new tab if you have pop up windows blocked.

To watch these videos, you must have the Adobe Flash plug in for your web browser, and a high speed internet connection. To get the plug in, click here.

Note: The videos play an important role in the curriculum of The Center for Guided Montessori Studies. One of the qualifications for Montessori Training Enrollment is to have equipment capable of displaying them.


Introduction to administration     |     The importance of administration


Arcobaleno     |     Color Theory – primary color bottles


The importance of play     |     Encouraging Expressive Language


Blending Sounds lecture     |     Adverb Lesson


Facilitating Transitions     |     Legal Structure of Schools – Finances


Stamp Game Addition Static     |     Sandpaper Numerals


Ladybug     |     Musical Presentations Lecture


Ethnographic Observation     |     The Montessori Method


Intrapersonal Aspects of Peace     |     Relationships with Parents


The Absorbent Mind     |     Why start at age 3?


Pinning frame lesson     |     Leaf Polishing

Albums and Other Materials

The Center for Guided Montessori Studies provides a beautifully illustrated course album for each of the main Montessori Curriculum areas. Many student assignments will revolve around expanding and personalizing the content of the albums, however they will come complete with instructions for many critical material presentations, as well as pedagogical explanations of the curriculum area. For an excerpt of one of these albums, click here.


Other Examples Coming Soon

We haven’t had a chance yet to put up examples of all of the types of materials we will be using in our course. Please feel free to write us with specific questions about the learning tools used in this program.


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