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“The world is acquired psychologically by means of the imagination…”

"…Reality is studied in detail, then the whole is imagined. The detail is able to grow in the imagination, and so total knowledge is attained. The act of studying things is, in a way, meditation on detail. This is to say that the qualities of a fragment of nature are deeply impressed upon an individual." 
— Dr. Maria Montessori
From Childhood to Adolescence
(A Montessori quick bite from The Center for Guided Montessori Studies)

The role of the imagination may be one of the most contentious in Montessori today. Dr. Montessori did encourage educators to understand the distinction between fantasy and the real work of the child. Clearly she sees imagination as serving a critical function in the development of the child.

Thoughts for the day:

* Why do we tend to discourage children from misusing the classroom materials with imaginative play?

* What is the difference between fantasy and imagination? Do they each have a place?

*  What is the developmental role of the imagination in children? Is this role different than in adults?

*  How can a teacher enlist the imagination as an asset in the classroom?


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