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“Adaptability – this is the most essential quality…”

"…for the progress of the world is continually opening new careers, and at the same time closing or revolutionizing the traditional types of employment." 
— Dr. Maria Montessori
From Childhood to Adolescence
(A Montessori quick bite from The Center for Guided Montessori Studies)

When Dr. Montessori wrote this quote in 1948, most of humanity still lived by subsistence farming. 
There had not yet been an information technology revolution. A "computer" was not a device, but someone who spent her or his days computing figures. The term "outsourcing" hadn’t yet been invented. Most people expected to a good job to last their entire lives. 

Thoughts for the day:

* How does a Montessori education help children develop into adaptable adults?

* How adaptable are you to the ever accelerating changes around us?


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