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Help! How do I teach science with no science background?

Dear Ask a Montessorian, help! I feel overwhelmed with teaching elementary science. I don’t have a science background. There is so much preparation with scientific knowledge, finding the materials, setting up, creating lessons; buying the Montessori 3 or 5 part cards, and coming up with a creative follow-up activity to excite and inspire the children! […]

What about students with special needs?

Dear Ask a Montessori Guide, I am considering taking Montessori training, but there some things that worry me. Some people have said that the Montessori method is for everyone, including those with special needs, while others say that Montessori is only for children with “normal” development. I am a traditional teacher, and I love working with children […]

Help! What if I don’t have a ‘green thumb?’

Dear Ask a Montessorian, I’m a newly trained lower elementary guide and am excited about many aspects of the curriculum and the school I’m serving. They have beautiful outdoor spaces and I want to give the students experiences in gardening, but I have absolutely no experience, and frankly don’t know where to start!  My training […]

Help! Can you offer record keeping tips?

Dear Ask a Montessorian, I’m feeling overwhelmed.  I know that observation and record keeping are very important, but there is so much to do at the beginning of the school year.  I want to start off with good habits.  What do you recommend? My first year in a primary classroom was like my first day […]