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Help! How do I know how to recognize true Montessori?

“I’m a new parent and have been hearing so much about the Montessori method from friends and online.  All of the information is somewhat conflicting, though, and I want to introduce the true principles in my home.  What would you say are the cornerstones of Montessori, especially for parents wishing to integrate it in the […]

Ask a Montessorian Leadership Series

“I’ll be joining my school’s board of directors for the first time, and have never served on a nonprofit team before.  What are some things I should keep in mind since I’m coming from a for-profit school?” This is a great question and critical to understand in order to help the board and school function […]

What tips do you have for a new school administrator?

Help!  This fall I’ll be stepping into a Montessori school as their new administrator.  This school has struggled somewhat with turnover of both teachers and administrators over the years.  What tips or resources would you recommend for this period of transition, and getting the school back on the right foot? What an exciting time for […]

Help! How do I teach science with no science background?

Dear Ask a Montessorian, help! I feel overwhelmed with teaching elementary science. I don’t have a science background. There is so much preparation with scientific knowledge, finding the materials, setting up, creating lessons; buying the Montessori 3 or 5 part cards, and coming up with a creative follow-up activity to excite and inspire the children! […]