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Montessori Professional Development Courses

The Center for Guided Montessori Studies (CGMS) offers continuing education for Montessori teachers and assistants.

To register for a course, please download our application file and email it to us. For questions about our professional development program, or to inquire about group discounts, please contact us.

All of our professional development courses are conducted online using our renowned e-learning system. Participants will work with a cohort of students and instructional guide. Each week there will be about 1-2 hours of videos to view, as well as questions for the cohort to discuss online. There will also be some simple assignments related to the course topics. Participants can expect to spend approximately 5 hours a week, longer if they choose to participate more in discussions.

Participants will need to have high speed internet access in order to be able to watch the video lectures and presentations. For more information on the technology used in this program, please visit our technology section where you will also learn the technological requirements for using our site.

All CGMS Professional Development courses are designed to as an introduction to Montessori for those new to Montessori or as enrichment and continuing education for Montessori teachers. Participants who complete the course requirements may receive a CGMS Professional Development Certificate. The Professional Development courses are not MACTE accredited and do not lead toward a Montessori Teaching credential.

Adventure in the Arts

$310/person, 3 CEUs Next session: January 28, 2019

This 6 week course has two separate components.

Visual Arts in the Montessori Early Childhood Environment

Children love art and a well planned art area can bring joy and enrichment to any classroom. This 4 week course will give participants the tools they need to design and prepare an art environment that that will promote creative expression and develop art appreciation. Through video lectures and demonstrations, as well as assignments that encourage hands-on experience, participants will learn the value of art education and how to present art activities from a variety of media and styles. Participants will learn how to present art units that expose children to artists and styles of art including the classical masters and cultural art. All participants will receive an Art Album filled with activities and resources to enhance art in their classrooms.

Making Music with Children through Song and The Montessori Bells

This fun 2 week course will bring music to life with videos of Frank Leto singing with children. Frank presents many songs and rhythm activities, and also provides video lectures with instructions for how to prepare and present a music curriculum for young children. Participants will also view videos by Kitty Bravo presenting step-by step instruction on the Montessori bells. From the first Sensorial lessons in matching the bells to playing and composing music, young children can master these activities and so can you! This course is designed for everyone. If you are a musician it will be a fun introduction to the Montessori approach to music, if you are not musically inclined, this will be a life saver and give you what you need to make music a vibrant part of your classroom.

Participants in the Adventure in the Arts program will receive a fabulous art album which they can download and print as well as a song book and a mini album containing the presentations for the Montessori bells. It will be a fun course with a wealth of activities to incorporate in the classroom. Those who complete the entire 6 weeks and all assignments will be awarded a CGMS Professional Development Certificate.

Montessori Fundamentals

Leadership and Overview of Montessori at the Early Childhood Level

$360/person, 5 CEUs Next session:    January 28, 2019   

10 Week Course

This program is designed for Montessori assistants, volunteers, substitutes and support staff, plus it makes a reinvigorating refresher for an experienced certified teacher. Combining our extremely popular Classroom Leadership course with our new Early Childhood Overview course, the combined 10 week course includes:

  • An introduction to Montessori philosophy and key concepts
  • Qualities of the Prepared Environment
  • How to start the school year
  • Positive discipline
  • Classroom roles
  • An introduction to each Early Childhood curriculum area (Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math, Cultural and Science) with video lectures about the purpose of the area, best practices, and many lesson videos

Course content includes: an introduction to Montessori key philosophical concepts, classroom roles and working in partnership with co-workers, designing and maintaining the prepared environment, establishing daily routines, lesson strategies, as well as techniques for positive discipline and problem solving in implementing effective classroom strategies. This course primarily focuses on 3-6 classrooms, but many of the topics relate to all age groups.  Those who complete the entire 10 weeks and all assignments will be awarded a CGMS Professional Development Certificate.


Montessori Beginnings:

 An Overview of Montessori for the Infant- Toddler Level

$360/person, 5 CEUs Next session:     January 28, 2019  

10 Week Course

Montessori Beginnings is an introduction to supporting development during the earliest years of life. This course will provide information that can be useful to assistants, administrators, parents, and anyone interested in learning about how to apply Montessori philosophy, principles, and practices to caring for the youngest members of our human family.

Topics will include:

  • Montessori Principles and Practices at the Infant Toddler Level
  • Caregiving the Montessori way
  • Child is the Curriculum
  • The Importance of Responsive Care (Empathetic Gestures and Nonverbal Communication)
  • Supporting Transitions
  • Creating Healthy Rhythms and Routines
  • Matching the Timeline of Development with Environmental Design and Supports
  • Preparing Ourselves to Work With Young Children
  • Being Part of a Montessori Faculty

Those who complete the entire 10 weeks and all assignments will be awarded a CGMS Professional Development Certificate.

The Childwise Teacher

$310/person, 4 CEUs Next session date: January 28, 2019

6 Week Course

Every Montessori teacher knows the value of observation, but the “how and when” of to putting it in practice is often a challenge. This six week online workshop is designed for experienced Montessori teachers who want to take their classroom observation practice to a new level. There are many ways that children communicate their needs besides words, and in this inspirational course participants will learn methods for reading the secret messages of the classroom. Participants will delve deeply into observation theory and techniques with a focus on observation as the foundation of the Montessori method. The course includes video lectures by Dr. Paul Epstein presenting his CORE observation process (Connect, Obtain, Reflect and Engage). Participants will also discussion classroom observation videos and observation assignments from their own classroom. The course will use Dr. Epstein’s new book, An Observer’s Notebook, for the course text. Participants may purchase the book from the Montessori Foundation.

Nutrition for Learning, Health, and Well-Being

$225/person, 2 CEUs Next session: January 28, 2019

4 Week course

Taught personally by renowned Montessorian Jan Katzen, and developed around her book Nutrition for Development and Learning, this exciting new course will help you understand children’s nutritional needs from preconception through adolescence. Incorporating the latest cutting-edge research, participants will learn about nutrients in brain development and ongoing physical and mental health. Jan has years of hands-on experience using nutrition to help thousands of children with developmental delays, learning challenges, special needs, behavioral issues, mood challenges, eating behaviors, and general health issues.

This course emphasizes and expands Maria Montessori’s directive that we develop in ourselves “the habit of specializing in children’s food.” Students will participate in a book study, watch classroom food preparation videos and bring snacks and recipes for a class recipe book memento. The course companion eBooks include nutritional education printables, exercises, observation tools, and meal/snack ideas that will empower educators, parents and school communities to increase nutrient specific foods conducive to learning, behavior, and emotional well-being. All required eBooks are included in the course tuition.

Learn about this course’s objectives.

Nutrition Course Objectives

Adult learners will:

  • Discover Mom and Dad’s preconception nutritional contribution to healthy reproduction
  • Learn about nutrient’s role in gene expression (nutrigenomics)
  • Understand the importance of “daily brain essentials”
  • Recognize ingredients in foods that can negatively impact learning, behavior, and mood
  • Learn meal mapping techniques to sustain physical and mental energy
  • Widen the lens in special education viewfinders to include nutritional deficiencies as a contributing factor in developmental, academic, and personal struggles
  • Identify characteristics and behaviors of children who could benefit from a nutritional evaluation
  • Gain an understanding of Maria Montessori’s legacy and directive in “the Habit of Specializing in Children’s Food” and how we can apply her principles in today’s Montessori classroom

Food makes, propels, and repairs us…

Special Needs

$270/person, 2.5 CEUs Next session: January 28, 2019

5 Week course

Most of us have asked and been asked this question many times: Is Montessori for every child? In this 5 week course we will explore that topic while we look at practical ideas for how to adapt to, and meet the needs of children with challenges. The course will survey a variety of issues in special education including emotional and behavioral, academic, developmental, speech and language challenges, and children with multiple concerns. Video lectures and discussion forums will explore characteristics of children with learning differences with an emphasis on how to more effectively guide them to success. Topics also include school policies to address issues of children with special needs, communicating with parents, and working in partnership with specialists.

Participants will receive two manuals, one on Supporting Children with Special Needs in the Montessori Environment and another focusing on Movement and Motor Development. This manual is filled with activities to help active children with attention and motor challenges. Many of the ideas and movement activities presented in this course and the manual are also great for typically developing children and provide many opportunities to support the growth and development of the whole child. Participants who complete the entire 5 weeks and all assignments will be awarded a CGMS Professional Development Certificate.

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CGMS currently offers the following professional development programs.  Please email us at info@guidedstudies.com if you are interested in an earlier date for a course scheduled for the fall.

Course Next session
The Childwise Teacher     January 28, 2019
Nutrition for Learning, Health, and Well-Being January 28, 2019
The Arts January 28, 2019
Montessori Fundamentals    January 28, 2019
Fundamentos Montessori (for Spanish speakers) November 25, 2018
Special Needs January 28, 2019
Working with Infants & Toddlers (Montessori Beginnings) January 28, 2019

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