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Our Montessori Programs

Infant & Toddler

Infant & Toddler

The focus is more on understanding the incredible developmental changes that take place in the first three years of life.

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Early Childhood

Early Childhood

CGMS presents video lectures and curriculum presentations offering a deep and comprehensive exploration of the Montessori approach for children 3-6 years of age.

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CGMS presents video lectures and curriculum presentations offering a deep and comprehensive exploration of the Montessori approach for the elementary age child.

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Through a combination of residential classes and e-technology video lectures and presentations, CGMS offers a deep and comprehensive exploration of the Montessori approach for the adolescent.

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Professional Development


CGMS offers continuing education for Montessori teachers and assistants.

CGMS offers continuing education for Montessori professionals. Whether you are new to Montessori or an experienced teacher looking to expand your practice, we have courses that will suit your needs.

All of our professional development courses are conducted online using our renowned e-learning system. Participants will work with a cohort of students and instructional guide. Each week there will be about 2 hours of videos to view, as well as questions for the cohort to discuss online. There will also be some simple assignments related to the course topics. Participants can expect to spend approximately 5 hours a week, longer if they choose to participate more in discussions.

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Is CGMS for me?


There are many Montessori Training Centers. Why should you chose CGMS to become a Montessori Teacher?

Are you looking for a reputable yet convenient way to become a certified teacher? The CGMS Full Certificate teacher training programs are accredited and well regarded. Both our Elementary and Primary Full Certificate blended low-residency programs offer you world class and respected training with just one or two short residencies.

Our affordable program offers numerous payment plans to make sure that paying for our program is as painless as our convenient training. If our various payment plans don’t work for you, we are always willing to discuss your particular needs.

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“I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with these wonderful Montessori Instructors.”

- Alice Pylko, current EC student

“[My guide's] knowledge and experience as a Montessori teacher and child development is such a benefit as she adds insight and direction to help me understand how to connect theory to practice.”

- EC Student, Cohort 18

“The IGs are wonderful and very available. The content is very interesting. The moodle is simple to use!”

- EC Student

Enrolling in CGMS


The Center For Guided Montessori Studies (CGMS) is currently accepting applications to our early childhood (3-6) and elementary (6-12) teacher training program

We invite you to explore our site to discover how CGMS has revolutionized teacher training. Or, you may contact us to request more information or to learn how to apply.

We invite you to take a look at the course that has wowed so many people while reinvigorating Montessori training. Both students and administrators are raving about CGMS’s quality and vision.

The course includes a full year practicum experience at an authentic Montessori school that meets CGMS standards for authenticity. We also provide our Montessori Online Training materials to training programs that wish to supplement face-to-face weekend seminars with a distance learning component.

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