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The Teacher’s Toolbox – Starting the Year With the Tools You Need

Join Martha Zimmerman and Ann Winkler, veteran Montessori educators, to discuss your toolbox for a successful start to the school year. These tips can be applied to any level. Be prepared to share and expand ideas in small breakout groups that are level specific. We all have something to offer each other in our work of preparation for the school year. 

Interrelating Art in the Montessori Classroom

“Art is an understanding of the beauty around us. What we strive to achieve is the development of a better audience, giving the child the skills to appreciate art surrounding them at all times, and utilizing the classroom to create this appreciation. “

In this Webinar you will be exploring many ways to interrelate the art curriculum in the other areas in the classroom. You will be receiving many ideas and resources to help you create an art shelf, shelf work, and art based books.