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Some Montessori Myths

There are people who think that the Montessori schools will not teach enough, and there are also people who fear that they will teach too much. “These delicate brains that you are training,” said a French gentleman to Dr. Montessori, “these fine ears, attuned to every faintest sound: how will they ever learn to support […]

Mistakes and Freedom

“It is a commonplace that the child must be free. But what kind of freedom has he been given? The only true freedom for an individual is to have the opportunity to act independently. That is the condition sine qua non of individuality. There is no such thing as an individual until a person can […]

Grades, Success and Tiger Mothers

David DeHetre, released under the Creative Commons License, some rights reserved “Once we have accepted and established our principles, the abolition of prizes and external forms of punishment will follow naturally. Man, disciplined through liberty, begins to desire the true and only prize which will never belittle or disappoint him,- the birth of human power […]

“Where the children work for themselves…”

“From such a system there comes forth a school where the children work for themselves – that is, they are free. In this freedom they work much more than heretofore has been customary in school… Lars Plougmann, released under the Creative Commons License, some rights reserved and they attain culture more rapidly and more efficaciously… […]