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International Students

While based in the US, CGMS accepts students from all over the world. Perhaps a third of our students are from outside of the US. Although international students are encouraged to attend one of our residencies, we realize this is not always feasible. In that case, students are eligible to receive the International Montessori Council’s Associate Certificate. Please note that at this time only CGMS’ Full Certificate programs are MACTE accredited. For a list of international programs that are MACTE accredited, click here. CGMS believes that it’s online course of study leading to the IMC Associate Certificate is as comprehensive as any course offered in the world, including those traditional ones that are conducted entirely in person.

CGMS currently has one active partnership.

South Africa

The Montessori Campus offers a beautifully blended mix of CGMS materials and original lectures. With the mission of “uplifting the standard of authentic Montessori practice in southern Africa”, the Montessori Campus is one of the most respected teacher training programs on the African Continent. For more information, or to enroll, plase visit their website at http://mont.co.za/, or write them directly at info@mont.co.za.