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Team Member

Jocelyn Bell Swanson Director of Secondary Program

“The best part about being a Montessori secondary-level guide is the joy of helping students in their irresistible quest to discover their potential – a journey from discovery to exploration innovation.” Her specialty is in language arts and history. As a Montessori parent, she watched her local school grow beyond its original primary level to add an elementary program. Eventually, she agreed to become Montessori secondary-certified and open a secondary program there, now thriving in the heart of Williamsburg, Virginia.

Her work in the Humanities has centered on the Socratic method of discussion, a key takeaway from her Montessori training, and a philosophy that she finds essential to feeding the curiosity and character of her learners. In addition to working with children and adolescents, now at a farm school she recently founded, she enjoys working with adult learners, serving as the Secondary-level Director for the Center for Guided Montessori Studies and an educational consultant and curriculum designer.

In her pre-teaching career, Jocelyn ran her own marketing business, starting out  as a writer/editor. Jocelyn has an undergraduate degree in business/communications and a Master’s degree in education. She lives in Williamsburg, Virginia on a farm with her husband and children and a fun variety of animals. All of them fulfill a considerable role in Montessori Erdkinder experiences for children and adolescents in the community.