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Cathie Perolman Video Presenter

Cathie Perolman has been involved in education for over three and a half decades. She has a BS in Early Childhood Education and a MD in Elementary Education with a concentration in Reading. She has spent time working as a reading specialist as well as teaching students preschool through college but her passion is Montessori education.

She began her Montessori journey as a classroom assistant, and worked as a classroom directress, 3-6 team leader, teacher trainer and college professor.

Cathie is the author of Practical Special Needs For the Montessori Method: A Handbook for 3-6 Teachers and Homeschoolers and the creator of Hand on Phonics : a phonics based system of teaching reading to young children. She is a regular contributor to Tomorrow’s Child and Tomorrow’s Leadership magazines.

Cathie currently conducts workshops for teachers and administrators, works as a teacher trainer for various training centers across the country and as a school consultant. She worked as a 3-6 Montessori guide for many years and recently retired from the classroom. Cathie has been married to Gary for 40 years

Cathie was drawn to Montessori Leadership when she realized the multitude of specific needs for this group of administrators and she wanted to be involved in the created of a course that meet their particular needs. As an army wife who has moved frequently and worked in 9 schools she has seen a variety of administrative styles and levels of expertise. This led to her contributions to the course.