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Beth Omane Infant/Toddler Instructional Guide

Montessori has forever changed my life. It has not only changed my understanding and view on children but its transformed my perception on the world! The first time I discovered Montessori education, was in New York City when I was looking for childcare, back in 2001. I found a small unique looking school and was truly amazed to witness young children working so independently, in such a peaceful environment! I fell in love and started working as an assistant guide. After a few years, I was offered the opportunity to complete my training, and had the priviledge to train with Ms. Virginia Varga. I felt that I finally found my calling :-). I went on to lead, consult, and assist in developing many infant/toddler programs in varies cities. I also received my B.S. in Family and Consumer Sciences from North Carolina University. I’m honored to be working with CGMS full-time, to share my experiences, knowledge, and love for Montessori! When I’m not working, I love to cook, garden, meditate, read, go to concerts, travel, play with my kittens, and spend time with my loved ones! I am a mom of two adult children; Sam and Rachael.