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Having technical problems?

Here are some possible resolutions

Is the video starting and stopping?
Your most likely problem is that your computer isn't downloading the videos as fast as you are watching them. Press the pause button and give it some time. The video will continue to download. You can watch it when it completes. You may also try switching to a lower bitrate, if available. Your current bitrate is 512K/second. If you still have problems, try switching to a different format, eiher flash or quicktime.

The video is not displaying correctly.
The first thing to try is a different web browser. We recommend the free firefox browser, but internet explorer should work too. Don't use AOL's built in browser!

That didn't work? It's an old saw in the computer world, but if at first you don't succeed, consider a reboot.

Maybe it's still playing in a halting manner, or perhaps it's not showing up at all. Try downloading a new flash plug in from this site.

Other problems
Sometimes you need someone to give you a hand. We can't promise solutions to technical problems with your own equipment, but we can try. Email us or call us at 1-941-870-1945 and we'll see if we can help figure it out.