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$310/person, 3 CEUs 
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6 Week Course

Every Montessori teacher knows the value of observation, but the “how and when” of to putting it in practice is often a challenge. This six week online workshop is designed for experienced Montessori teachers who want to take their classroom observation practice to a new level. There are many ways that children communicate their needs besides words, and in this inspirational course participants will learn methods for reading the secret messages of the classroom. Participants will delve deeply into observation theory and techniques with a focus on observation as the foundation of the Montessori method. The course includes video lectures by Dr. Paul Epstein presenting his CORE observation process (Connect, Obtain, Reflect and Engage). Participants will also discussion classroom observation videos and observation assignments from their own classroom. The course will use Dr. Epstein’s new book, An Observer’s Notebook, for the course text. Participants may purchase the book from the Montessori Foundation.

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    The following courses will begin on October 11th:

    • Montessori Fundamentals (EC)
    • Montessori Fundamentals (EL)
    • Montessori Beginnings
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