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Summer of Savings 2020

CGMS Summer of Savings

In this time of difficulty and uncertainty, CGMS wants to support our community as much as possible. For that reason we’ve come up with a variety of discounts and payment options to make our accredited training affordable to everyone.

The following possible options are available for any adult learner who enrolls in a certificate program starting on June 8th.



Option 1: Take a deep discount.

For this option, CGMS still offers our regular payment plan choices. These allow you to pay all at once, or with a small service fee to pay in a variety of installments over 18 months.

10% discount on base tuition only

regular price summer price
Primary, I/T, Elem associates $4990 $4491
Primary, I/T, Elem full $6620 $5958
El I/II & Secondary assoc $6620 $5958
El I/II & Secondary full $9010 $8109
Leadership $8675 $7807.5

Option 2: No payments until September

Though many of us are facing serious financial difficulties right now, we still need to have trained teachers. Those who choose this option can enroll in the upcoming June cohort and pay only the basic enrollment fees. After enrolling, enrollees will have three months with no payments, after which CGMS’ flexible payment plans will be available. CGMS will need to run a credit check on applicants who choose this option.


Option 3: Pay over two years.

Applicants who choose this option will receive a $200 discount off of our regular base tuition. Your longer 24 month payment schedule will come with no payment plan fees. CGMS normally requires up to $500 for a monthly plan because of processing charges.


Option 4: Enroll as an Associate, easy upgrade to Full

If you choose to enroll in the less expensive online-only associate certificate program will still receive a $200 discount. Plus receive a significantly discounted upgrade to the low-residency Full Certificate program later, if you want.

Discounted certificate upgrade prices (includes the summer residency)
regular price summer price
I/T, Primary, Elementary I, or Elementary II Associates to Full Certificate $1700 $1168
Combined Elementary I/II Associates to Full Certificate $2600 $1809
Secondary Associates to Full Certificate $2600 $1809


Option 5: Custom payment plans

We want to make sure schools know that since our founding in 2006 we have always worked with schools and individuals to meet their needs. Contact us and we’ll help to craft that custom plan that works for you! For more information, please contact us!