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From Peace to Equity Part 1

July 13, 2022 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


We’re excited to announce a new webinar titled “From Peace to Equity” led and developed by Sarah Stephens! Over three weeks (July 13, 20, 27), we will explore expanding our view of peace education placing equity at the center, diving deeper into our identity by examining how our past, present, and future experiences shape our spiritual development, and examining how identity intersects with community.

CGMS Alumni and Faculty registration is $70 for all three sessions. To register, click HERE.

General registration is $120 for all three sessions. To register, click HERE.

Session 1: From Peace to Equity: An Introduction (July 13 at 7pm EDT)

It’s no coincidence that, in the 21st century, we hold dear to our hearts Dr. Montessori’s work with peace, which any true Montessori environment reflects—safety, pristinely ordered aesthetics, and a culture of kindness. But is it enough to create peaceful environments? In this first session of a three-part webinar, we will work on expanding our view of peace education, placing EQUITY at the center. We will examine how EQUITY enables us to see the whole child and surrounding world conjointly as a mechanism to the child’s success. Beginning with a review of our roots in Dr. Montessori’s original work, focusing on the demographics of her students and why she chose them, we will bring it into the forefront of our work with today’s global child. As we evolve our ideal from peace to equity, we will reflect on how bias shapes our interaction and consider the impact of inclusion and exclusion. We will look at passive and active sympathy and explore ways to maintain our beliefs while adjusting our behaviors toward humankind.

Session 2: From Peace to Equity: Global Citizenship (July 20 at 7pm EDT)

“We must revise our concepts, our attitudes, our educational systems if we wish to help man to become more cultured, more disciplined, more open to abstract ideas; if our aim is indeed to help him grow to become a citizen of the world. ”- Dr. Maria Montessori. Most Montessori adults were not educated as citizens of the world,yet we are tasked to model it. In session two, we will dive deeper into our identity by examining how our past, present, and future experiences shape our spiritual development. We will work on constructing interpersonal skills based on global relationships; and learn actionable steps to embrace ourselves and our identities as a worthy citizen of the world. Only then can the Montessori adult prepare themself to guide the future citizen of the world (the child).

Session 3: From Peace to Equity: Global Communication for the Montessori Community (July 27 at 7pm EDT)

Building on our work in the previous session, we will further examine how identity intersects with community. Who we are affects whether we react or respond and how we relate to others. We learn and grow in relationships. It is through these relationships that we construct our school culture which contributes to the development or deconstruction of the global child and their community. Participants will discover ways to connect with the whole child by expanding the definition of the prepared adult, based on relationship and communication. We will examine the correlation of our own personalities with the Montessori Triad and learn tools to meaningfully establish the educator/family relationship while daily engaging with families based on efficacy.

About Sarah Stephens

Sarah’s quest for education equity started long before she was born, having a family of multiple professors and educators. After completing a Bachelors of Arts in Spanish Literature and a Masters in Elementary Education, she met her true passion of Montessori in 2008, and the rest was history! She received her Pan American Montessori Society (MACTE) Early Childhood credential in 2013 and PAMS Trainer certificate in 2017. After more than a decade of teaching and school administration, she continues to pursue her passion of Montessori education by means of the whole, global child with her company, Move Mountains with Montessori. Founded in 2021, 3M seeks to deliver Montessori to ALL rather than a small group of individuals who can afford it. Of course, however, her greatest treasures are her faith, husband and three beautiful children!


July 13, 2022
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm ET
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