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IMC Board approves new affiliate program

The International Montessori Council is pleased to announce the IMC Board’s approval of their newest affiliate teacher education program, The Vietnam Montessori Advisory and Training Center (VMAT).

Long time IMC member Jana Morgan Herman is the director of VMAT and works closely with VMAT founder and Executive Director, Pham Hoai Thu. VMAT is a MACTE accredited teacher education program committed to supporting the development of Montessori in Vietnam. Approximately 25 – 60 adult learners participate annually in their Montessori Early Childhood Certification Program. Their training facility is bright, attractive, well organized and fully equipped with Montessori materials. 

The IMC Teacher Education Committee review team noted VMAT’s commitment to providing adult learners a positive learning experience that will prepare them to lead Montessori Early Childhood classrooms. The program beautifully weaves Montessori philosophy and cultural curiosity throughout the course. We congratulate VMAT along with their dedicated leadership and faculty and welcome them to the IMC community!

Photo of first official IMC affiliated VMAT cohort of adult learners.