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Alumni News: CGMS Graduate Opens Montessori Elementary School in India

Claudine Noronha (EL-0116) was not new to Montessori when she joined our EL I-II program in 2016. She came to us with a Montessori Primary Certificate (EC) and many years’ experience in education. She was living in New Zealand while completing her elementary training.  After completion she returned to her home country and founded the first Montessori Elementary School in her city, Nashik (180 Km from Mumbai), Maharashtra, India. 

Royal Oak International Montessori School serves children in both Primary and Elementary. They currently have 15 children in the Elementary program and expect 3 more in November bringing them to 18 students by the end of the year. They will also start the Primary class in November.


(Claudine, left with Primary Guide, right)

Royal Oak International is an Associate Member of IMC and as such Claudine will continue to be connected and have support from both IMC and CGMS. We are excited to see her school grow and Congratulate her for Commitment to growing Montessori in her part of India.

Royal Oaks International Montessori School, 2019


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