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From the Editor, August 2019


During the weeks leading to August 31, schools all over the world will celebrate Dr. Maria Montessori’s birthday.  As we reflect on the almost 150th year of the revered scientist and educator, perhaps the most authentic way to honor her legacy can be found at a school in Bangalore, India.  The team at Diya Ghar Montessori school bring migrant workers’ children to a nurturing, prepared environment as an alternative to working or playing at their parents’ construction sites.  In reading the article about this program, the famous images of the original San Lorenzo Casa dei Bambini came to mind, but this time aided by the present day pictures of the Diya Ghar children holding construction tools, then of them happily working in their classroom. 

In the US, a coworking program brings Montessori to its members’ children while serving the community using Montessori principles, another iteration that directly serves the unique needs of a neighborhood.  Read in this issue about the inspiring work that the Diya Ghar and Nido teams are doing in their communities, and you’ll too be encouraged to see Dr. Montessori’s original task being lived out today, and perhaps more deeply understand what sparked her to pursue the invaluable work of guiding young children.