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Announcing the new CGMS Administrator’s Certificate

Announcing the new CGMS Montessori Educational Leadership Credential

New program to prepare school heads to lead highly successful Montessori schools

The Center for Guided Montessori Studies (CGMS), long known for being the first accredited low-residency teacher certification program, is pleased to announce that we are about to launch our new training program for heads of Montessori schools.

As with our other programs, the Leadership Credential will be a blend of the best of online learning with a single, short on-site residency. CGMS has designed this program to exceed the anticipated standards of the upcoming MACTE Leadership accreditation standard.

The new Leadership Credential, to launch on October 14, 2019, will help school heads reach excellence, whether they be private schools, public, or charter. The program has components tailored for both those with more Montessori experience than business, as well as for others who are less familiar with Montessori pedagogy than they are with the business side. 

Designed in collaboration with the Montessori Foundation, the Leadership program has been built in a modular format so that it can best be tailored to meet participants where they are. Each module includes material from many passionate expert Montessori school leaders with decades of experience running successful schools.

Participants should expect to work 10 hours a week, and have access to hundreds of resources such as videos and reading materials. The program will be about 16 months long, from start to finish and cost $8,600. Initial enrollees for the first cohort starting October 14 will only pay $6600 (plus some professional fees). CGMS does offer a range of payment options and plans.

During this 16 month program, participants will also perform a practicum internship in a Montessori school, their own or another. They will continue their online studies during this practicum phase, enabling learners to ground their theory with examples from their working lives and then receive quick feedback from instructors and fellow students in weekly live video classes.

As with all CGMS programs, students will learn in collaborative online groups, working together under the close guidance of experienced teacher trainers. Our students can watch training presentations over and over again at their own pace, and even get to share and critique their own presentations with other students and their instructional guide. Collaborative case studies will allow students to share insights and learn from each other as they examine complex issues from different perspectives.

Topics will include:

  •       Leadership from a Montessori Perspective
  •       Faculty & Human Resources
  •       School Leadership & Governing Bodies
  •       Educational Program & Survey of Montessori Education
  •       School Finance
  •       Marketing, Building Enrollment & Community
  •       Fundraising
  •       Facility management
  •       Buying and selling a school
  •       Starting a private school
  •       Starting a public or charter program
  •       Working with boards and other stakeholders
  •       Best practices for public Montessori programs

 CGMS has a commitment for continuous support for adult learners and schools to assure success. Please contact us to find out more!