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CGMS and Hubbli announce joint partnership

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Ontario, Canada. February 28, 2018

The Center for Guided Montessori Studies (CGMS), Inc, and Hubbli, Inc. are excited to announce a new partnership to develop and promote solutions for schools. The focus will be on ensuring Montessori and other schools can leverage the best technology for reducing their workloads, simplifying their workflows, and strengthening their business operations.

CGMS is one of the world’s largest accredited training programs for Montessori certification, and Hubbli, Inc is one of the leading software service providers for schools. The partners agree that Montessori education is at a crossroads and that this partnership can unlock the exponential growth that the community needs.

“We have seen time and again that schools succeed when they can focus on what they do best: education,” said Marc Seldin, CGMS’ Director of Operations. “We know there will be more and stronger Montessori schools if the administration has the support they need to succeed. We have found that Hubbli is the best partner we can work with to support small schools.”

Founded in 2016, Hubbli specializes in solutions that reduce school administrative overhead. Hubbli’s most recent solution, Hands-Free Enrollment Marketing System, simplifies and automates the marketing and enrollment process for schools. It is not uncommon for schools that use the E.M. package to see tour rates increase by 100 to 200%. Hubbli’s initial service, a parent communication platform, has been renowned for saving schools tens of thousands of dollars annually in staff time.

“My passion for empowering school leaders led me to where I am today,” says Jono Landon, CEO, and founder of Hubbli. “I realized that schools were struggling with the things I knew best, the business and technology side of things. I knew that if I built them right, then the solutions Hubbli created would unlock tons of creative energy. School leaders are spending too many hours a week on those tasks they typically don’t like and don’t have the time to learn. But as Hubbli has helped schools, I’ve also seen they are often held back by a need for high-quality teacher training and professional development. That is why we have been drawn to partnering with CGMS, we believe they are the best at what they do.”

CGMS is affiliated with the International Montessori Council (IMC) and was the first hybrid Montessori teacher education program with a significant online component to receive MACTE accreditation. Founded in 2006, CGMS combines the best of traditional Montessori training with the Internet to create an authentic, low-residency program. Today, CGMS is one of the largest accredited Montessori training programs, offering certification for every level from Infant/Toddler through Secondary. CGMS also offers the Early Childhood course in Mandarin and is developing an Administrator certification program, as well as programs in Spanish.

Kitty Bravo, the Education Director at CGMS, was enthusiastic about the partnership. “While we are proud of the work CGMS performs transforming classrooms, schools have business needs as well. Hubbli gets it, and we are excited to work with them to create solutions that are compatible with how we know schools need to be run. That said, our businesses are separate and we are not evangelists for each other.”

Indeed, Hubbli will have non-Montessori clients, and CGMS will happily work with schools that don’t require Hubbli solutions.

To solidify this partnership, CGMS is taking a minority stake in Hubbli. CGMS’ director of Operations, Marc Seldin, will be joining Hubbli as the Chief of Product Development. Mr. Seldin will continue in his role at CGMS as well.

In the future, the partners intend to develop more integrated solutions that will help schools with managing their finances, student records, and fundraising.